Since the 1800’s the MacRae Family has been designing and building furnishings after key members of the MacRae Clan brought their European craftsmanship from Scotland to the US. Beau Holland was able to continue that family tradition as the fifth generation to succeed in the furnishings and interior design industry. As an award winning furniture designer and entrepreneur, beau studio established itself as a go-to showroom for top tier Designers worldwide. With extreme value and quick delivery, the showroom appeals to sophisticated designers looking for beautiful products of outstanding value.

Having built three trade-only companies over the last 25 years, Beau Holland raised the bar with his stunning collection of traditional, transitional, industrial, reclaimed and found objects. Beau studio offers unparalleled value while launching headfirst into the cutting edge of interior design.

The industry agrees:  “Warm sophistication with an excellent eye for the best of design. Beau studio edits a global perspective into one group of outstanding products. The quickest custom delivery times I know of and it makes beau studio an unparalleled wholesale source” – Laura, New York

“I won’t go anywhere else for my custom built dining tables” – Megan, Atlanta

“It is my favorite showroom:  I want to move right in!”  – Joe, Los Angeles